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Scene World Podcast – Episode #41 – David Fox

David Fox is a game designer and programmer that worked on some of LucasArts’ most memorable games, as well as the new Thimbleweed Park. AJ and Joerg talk to him about his history in the games industry, and his experience coming back to the point-and-click adventure genre. #sceneworld #thimbleweedpark #swo #retro #c64 #games #adventures #pointandclick...

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Vandalism News #67 released

Spread across 5 sides of pure 8-bit eye and ear candy! Featuring: – Vandalism News unveils the CSDb Plain PetSCII results! – Who is hot and who is not? The latest news, best demo reviews and most recent charts inside! – CSDb; Perff the founding father talks about what became one of the main pillars of today’s C64 scene! – Interviews: we go one on one with Flex, Ant Stiller and Shine – Partyzone lookback at 2017: reporting exclusively from Revision, Nordlicht, Gubbdata, Radwar, Zoo and Datastorm Winter & Summer! – Backstage: Bob/Censor Design gives an insight on the...

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GameBase64 Forums and downloads are back!

Sent in by email from Baracuda: “Since Gamebase64 had problems with its forum, I have asked Shane Wood (of 8BitFiles) if he can help out. Well, the future of the forum is ensured, apart from a few bugs and tweaks still to be made, but the servers for downloading the games work, Login to the Forums and registering a new account, as well!. If any of you have suggestions regarding the Gamebase64, feel free to let him know:...

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Scene World Podcast Episode #40 – Gamescom 2017 Special

As every year, Scene World has also had a booth at the biggest game fair in Europe: Gamescom! AJ, Martin Ahman and Joerg have a look at the experiences and interviews Scene World had this year. Check it out at Video version: See the full interviews with everybody at gamescom at your Gamescom 2017 playlist: #gamescom #gamescom2017, #sceneworld, #swo, #podcast,...

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