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Scene World Podcast Episode #46 – User Group Meetings with Robert Bernardo

Robert Bernardo is a very known figure in the American Commdore scene, being the head of the “Fresno Commodore User Group”, we have been in touch with him since we started with Scene World 18 years ago – time to talk to him and hear about his side of our Commodore User World and Sphere! Enjoy listening to his experiences! This guy knows everybody and everything! Listen to it at...

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THE128RM (The 128 Remastered)

A C128 in a small form factor for C64 cases is in the making, as found in the forum of RobertB wrote: “Yow! I saw this on another forum. It’s a C128 modernized and redone to fit in a slim-line C64 case. The webpage is at snd the German discussion thread is at…30#post1254330 I used in order to translate the first post there — “Hello everybody, For some time I have been working on a C128 version, which fits in the C64 case (slim case). I have some modifications built in like: VIC / VDC...

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Scene World – Public Event Calendar available!

During the last 12 years of releasing various stuff under the Scene World flag, we receive a lot of questions like “When it the new diskmag issue being released, when is the new youtube video being released, when is the new Twitch Live Stream or when is the new podcast being released? Well, there is an answer to this now! Welcome our new “Upcoming Events” calendar that gives you an idea when something is supposed to being out. We can’t promise that that we will always hit the exactly aimed time every time, but at least it gives you...

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Billy Mitchell’s records for Donkey Kong have been removed from Twin Galaxies and the Guinness Book of World Records after dispute decision

As we reported earlier, there has been a long ongoing dispute by TwinGalaxies community whether some of the records in the database are true or not. After Todd Rogers being removed, now the Donkey Kong scores of Billy Mitchell also have been removed from Twin Galaxies and the World Records book . In a public statement 2 days later Billy Mitchell stated he will prove that he didn’t use MAME and used real hardware to make the record instead. All this is now making Steve Wiebe the first person to reach a million points on Donkey Kong (Wiebe’s orignal...

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F64PGC2017: El Loco Challenge (Jammer/1mandivision)

Jammer/1mandivision is working on a new racer being part of the Forum64 & Protovision Game Competition 2017. According to his post in the Protovision sub-board of the Forum64 board, in which he wrote the following: “Hi! Despite much of a struggle with my upcoming racer, fighting bugs and glitches, I decided to publish few very raw materials from the title to let you know it’s not dead 😉 Game in general aims at recreating Lotus feeling and mechanics on C64 and includes some quite bold features (and equaly bold glitches because of those :P). Of course it’s rather streamlined,...

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