Author: Martin Ahman

C64 MixTape

Polish C64 user Patryk Seregiet did a nice add-on to Roland Hermans’ program PSID64. It’s for PC and it will take pretty much all .sid files and convert them to .prg file that you can load and play. Seregiet hacked it a bit and added a feature that loads the next sid file from tape after the previous finishes. The actual beta works just barely. It doesn’t work with all files PSID64 program generates. But he will work on that issue as soon as...

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C64 Unboxing – Sleepwalker, Platman Worlds and Space Trip 2086

Merman opens a new package from Psytronik and takes a look at three new games:- Sleepwalker Platman Worlds Space Trip 2085 (bonus game) Space Trip 2086 All are available to buy (as physical games or digital downloads) from: Footnote: since the gameplay footage was created, Platman Worlds has been updated to v3. This means it now saves your progress to disk (or disk image) allowing access to the later levels when you have unlocked...

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